The Sedation

To create a pain-free examination, we offer the comfort of a sedo-anesthesia, performed by a specialized doctor. With sedo-anaesthesia we mean the procedure in which a sleep-like state is induced, under which there is also a certain pain-tolerance.

With the substances we use (shortly-effective valium-like medicine; short-time-narcotics; possibly analgesic substances like an antispasmadic medicines), the duration of the sedo-anaesthesia can be steered very well and can also be adjusted for the needs of the examination. Like this the conditions can be optimally crafted for the patient as well as for the examined.

During sedation you breathe spontaneously, EKG, blood pressure, and oxygen-saturation are continuously monitored. Directly after the examination you wake up and can still remain on the lounger in our wake-up room.

Important: For reasons of legality you may not operate any motorized vehicles on the day of sedation!