The Office

Internal Praxis

I take the responsibility for your internal problems, may it be a health examination, the clarification of the disease, or the accompaniment of chronic diseases. Naturally, I also give surgeries clearances. When necessary, I will refer you to a competent colleague of the needed special discipline.

Should you have a more global problem, I can treat you in the hospital for a few days. With tight organization, a clarification can be completed within a few days. Sometimes 8 hours is also enough time to receive results. That means that all day-time admittances are done in the hospital. In this time all results essential to your condition can be compiled.

The evaluation of your results then takes a few days. The results will be given to you personally or sent by mail, and possible further diagnostic or therapeutic arrangements will be gotten underway.


You have been referred or simply want an endoscopic procedure. We conduct this procedure, and give you and the doctor treating you the results. Possibly you will find comments, which are important to us when on the search for a diagnosis.

Should the results yield pressing consequences, you and the doctor treating you will be informed immediately and all for your necessary steps will be discussed and organized.