Our Team

Dr. Christiane Schrutka-Kölbl

Specialized physician for internal medicine
Physician for gastroenterology and hepatology
Attending doctor of the 4th medical department of the Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung


Dr. Wolfgang Schrutka

Specialized physician for anesthesiology and intensive medicine
Attending doctor of the department of anesthesiology and intensive medicine of the Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung


The Assistance

It is our luck that on our path to aiming and achieving top-quality, we have top-nurses accompanying us.

In our long-standing joint experience and routine it has never been work, but rather pleasure to be there for you together.

The Reception

The reception is responsible for your well being before and after your examination.

Here you are led through the administrative steps, and the consent form, signed by you, is checked one more time.

You will be led to your examination and cared for afterwards.

If you would like something to drink or have a cab called for you, please approach them.

Through our long-standing experience and teamwork we have succeeded in developing and establishing the method of gentle endoscopy in the Rudolfstiftung. The introduction of shortly-effective sedation medication has benefited our way and the method has had a strong entrance in the clinical everyday world.

Another advantage of our collective efforts for the patient:

Should you need a surgical procedure, we will accompany you before, during, and after the operation.